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Mid-South Soaring Foundation

Memphis Soaring Society Life Member Roy Hendrix (1926-2020) was a long-time club member serving as tow pilot, grounds keeper, financial backer and all around solid guy.   In 2018 Roy created the initial funding for the scholarship program with one bearing his name.  Roy passed in January 2020 and the Foundation is thankful for his generosity.  A great person was Roy and he is missed.

The Mid-South Soaring Foundation (MSSF) provides scholarships to support soaring as part of its mission:  To promote the art of motorless flight.  The Roy Hendrix scholarship provides training at the Memphis Soaring Society (MSS) Gliderport so that qualified youth are given the opportunity to obtain glider pilot licenses that permit participation toward growth and development in all phases of soaring flight. 

Roy Hendrix was a long-time member of MSS and has been a major supporter of MSS as a tow pilot, grounds keeper and financial contributor for many years.  This scholarship is offered in the spirit of the selflessness demonstrated over the many years by Roy. 

This scholarship is awarded annually to a 13-22 year-old, full time student with a minimum 2.5 GPA. The application requires an essay which must present a convincing argument that the applicant desires to participate in soaring and has an appreciation for the nature of the sport and the effort required to obtain proficiency. The essay must be of a high quality that demonstrates communication skills and must be received no later than February 28 annually. The award will be announced by March 15. The recipient may not reach their 23rd birthday prior to September 30th of the application year.  As of December 2019 there is one available.   One more may be offered depending on funds.  Check this space in early January for updated information.

The award will consist of a one-year membership in the Soaring Society of America, MSS Club Dues, Tow fees, Glider rental, and Instruction up to $2,000. Should scholarship funds remain after the one year period, the scholarship can be extended one year if the student has demonstrated consistent progress toward the glider pilot license goal.

MSSF Scholarship for Aspiring Instructors - One Available

In order to encourage soaring pilots to become instructors to assist in training new and transition pilots, the MSSF offers the following Scholarship to private rated glider pilots of Memphis Soaring:

Amount - $2,000 - to be awarded as follows:

  • $500 towards tow and rental fees incurred in working towards the commercial and instructor ratings.  The MSSF will be billed directly and payments will be made directly to Memphis Soaring on behalf of the pilot for the approved activity towards the rating.   
  • $1,500 to reimburse the expenses/fees of taking the various tests and check rides required.

Commitment –The person awarded the scholarship agrees to be a duty instructor for Memphis Soaring (MSS) for the ensuing 12-month period following obtaining his/her instructor’s rating.  All work towards the ratings will occur at Memphis Soaring’s airport, Lawrence Field.


Applying – Application can be made by contacting any MSSF Board Member.  Current Board members are Scott Ballard, Dick Cadieux, Charles Glover and Mark Olinger.  If you are not yet a member of Memphis Soaring, contact Mark Olinger at to arrange a conversation.

                                                     General Scholarships 

The Foundation may, at times, honor members of MSS with a grant or scholarship of varying amounts.  There is no application process for General Scholarships.

2020 - Hendrix Scholarship

Congratulations to Jameson Courtney of Wynne, AR, Jacob Goughnour of Memphis, TN and Cinch 
Liggett of Eminence, MO as recipients of the Hendrix Scholarship for 2020.  We began the scholarship application period planning to offer two but, due to the passing of Roy and the generous contributions that followed, we awarded three.   

At right (left to right): Jacob, Jameson and Cinch in the Hendrix Clubhouse on March 14, 2020 at a lunch in honor of their having been named recipients of the Hendrix Scholarship.  


2019 - Hendrix Scholarship

Congratulations to Lauren Culp of Memphis on being the initial recipient of the Roy Hendrix Soaring Scholarship.   Lauren will learn to fly gliders at Memphis Soaring with all expenses paid through the Mid-South Soaring Foundation.   Mr. Hendrix seeded this scholarship and we look forward to having new students each year take advantage of the scholarship.

At Right (left to right):  Roy Hendrix, Lauren Culp and Mark Olinger (representing the Mid-south Soaring Foundation)

2018 General Scholarships

Foundation began it's scholarship initiative in 2018 with initial funding by MSS Life Member Roy Hendrix.  It awarded its first grants of $500 each to Benedek Szabo and Benjamin Szabo.  Benedik and Benjamin are the sons of Judit and Gyuri (George) Gulyas and have been a fixture at the airport virtually every weekend for the past two years.   Whether assisting with operations, helping with maintenance or organizing the files in our clubhouse, they are a true example of a generous and giving member.

Pictured at right:  Benedek, Roy Hendrix, George, Benjamin, Judit and sisters Ester and Emma.