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          Fly Gliders At                          Located In Cherry Valley, Arkansas



Driving Directions

Use the interactive map below to get directions to the Cherry Valley area.


  • If coming into Cherry Valley from the North on Rt.1, or on Rt.42, continue South on Rt.1.
  • Go approximately 2.2 miles from Rt.42 and make a left on the gravel road marked CR 338.
  • If coming in to Cherry Valley from the South on Rt.1, go approximately 9 miles from Rt.64 in Wynne.
  • Make a right on the gravel road marked CR 338.
  • Look for a sign the size of a realty sign with our logo on it at Rt.1 & CR338.
  • Look for a standard airport sign - note the realty size sign in the background, below.  This view is coming from the south.
  • Airport Sign
  • Go about 1 mile on CR 338. The airport will be on your right.
  • The club no longer has a clubhouse phone.  Should you desire to confirm that we are flying on a particular day we ask that you reach out to one of the numbers listed on the Contact Us link.


NOTE: If you plan on flying out, see our Airfield Info page.