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          Fly Gliders At                          Located In Cherry Valley, Arkansas


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SPECIAL NOTES FOR FLY-INS:  Please be aware we operate differently than most of the airports you visit.  In our glider operation we often land downwind so the glider can roll towards the staging end of the runway from which the next flight will begin.  This saves a lot of time and is safe if everyone understands the game.  Expect mixed traffic doing unusual patterns.

Consider that at any point in time there might be glider traffic on one side of the airport and power traffic on the other side.  Another possibility is for a glider in the pattern for landing downwind with power traffic entering for a landing into the wind for the opposite runway.  Confused yet?  Point is, listen up with the radio, for fly-ins days there is an Air-boss advising traffic of potential conflict and expectations.

It should be understood also that the airspace below 2,000 AGL more than a few miles away from the airport is unlikely to have a glider in it.  Gliders will stay higher than that in general as they cannot reach the airport if they are much lower and more than a few miles out.  So, if you will drop down to 2,000 AGL or lower the prospect of a glider in your airspace is lowered.

Remember, gliders fly at about 50 knots and don't have an engine.  They have the right of way!  If in doubt, pull away and recontact the Air Boss.  Thanks!

Lawrence Field Information

FAA Identifier   4AR5
Gilmore VOR   GQE 276° 13.6NM (Map)
LAT/LONG   35°22.3’N90°45.2’W
Field Elavation   284' MSL
CTAF   123.3 MHz
Runways   07/25
  3625 x 300 ft.
Surface   Grass
Telephone   None.  See Contact Us

- Power traffic is welcome.
- When approaching the field be aware of gliders about to launch.
- If you don't see launch and/or recovery activity and it has rained the previous day, please don't land.
- We use aero tow for our launch method.
- Attempt to contact the field on 123.3 and state your intentions.
- If no one responds, pick a clear area and come on in.
- Power traffic flies a left hand pattern ... gliders fly a right hand pattern.  Be alert for possible 
non-radio equipped gliders in the pattern opposite of    you who have the right of way.