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          Fly Gliders At                          Located In Cherry Valley, Arkansas



Memphis Soaring History

The Memphis Soaring Society (MSS) is one of the oldest continuously active soaring clubs in the nation. It was founded in 1947 by the late Eugart Yerian, a pilot, instructor and all-around soaring enthusiast who has been inducted into the Soaring Hall of Fame.

That's a picture of Eugart in his Concept 70, left.

Memphis Soaring has been located at several airfields in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas including:

  1947-1952 Early efforts to develop club (AR and MS)
  1952-1955 Memphis Flying Service (TN)
  1955-1959 Twinkle Town Airport, Walls (MS)
  1959-1966 Wilson Field, Memphis (TN
  1966-1976 Finley Field, Marion (AR)
  1976-1992 Colonial Airport, Olive Branch (MS)
  1992-2002 Forrest City Municipal Airport (AR)
  2002-2003 Cartiller Airfield, Cherry Valley (AR)
  2003-Now      Lawrence Field, Cherry Valley (AR)


Beginning in the early 2000's the club began recognizing members in a variety of ways.
Following is a list of ways in which we honor and recognize members with the list
of recipients being available by clicking on the title.

Yerian Award
Named after our club’s founder, Eugart Yerian, the Yerian Award recognizes a member who has been a long-term contributor to MSS.   The recipient of this award embodies the character of Eugart as he or she has worked for an extended period for the betterment of the club.


John D. Wilson AwardThis award is named for John Wilson who was the go-to guy in many areas for MSS from the early 70’s into the 90’s.  John was an aviation enthusiast who owned and flew airplanes, gliders and balloons with an infectious air.  His contributions to MSS financially and in the areas of instruction and towing were immeasurable.  The recipient of this award has been a major contributor for a period of a year or more and reflects the spirit that John represented.


MSS Life Membership – While not technically an award,  Life Membership is granted to a member who has been a long-term contributor to the club and is leaving MSS for a variety of reasons such as age or moving out of the area.  This Award is granted at the discretion of the Board, keeps the member on the club’s roster, is dues-waived and includes a free subscription to Soaring Magazine if so desired by the member.


Betty J. Luke Memorial Soaring AwardEstablished by MSS member Ralph Leubke in honor of his late wife Betty, this award recognizes the member with the most cross country miles over the past year.


Longest Flight SeniorRecognizes the adult member with the longest flight originating and ending at MSS’s home field.


Longest Flight Junior - – Recognizes the junior member with the longest flight originating and ending at MSS’s home field.


Tow Pilot AwardAwarded to the tow pilot who performed the most tows in the past year.


Instructor AwardAwarded to the instructor who gave the most instructional flights in the past year.

Brick Award
Given to the pilot who had the most off-field land-outs in the past year.